Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fellowship....make it a Catholic Thing!

This Sunday I was able to attend the early mass because I worked Saturday night. It was a First Communion mass and good friends of ours were in attendance not only because it was their normal mass time, but because the husband is a photographer and offers his services to photograph the children receiving. His wife sat with me and another good family friend and her son sat right in front of me.

After mass, both women encouraged me to come over to the school cafeteria for coffee. Our church has a small ministry that offers coffee and doughnuts/muffins during the school year after the early mass. I had never attended and today was the last Sunday for the school year till fall.

I am not sorry I went. I consumed only one cup of coffee but consumed much good conversation. I met new friends, I made some connections for Shelby. And I got to have some "adult time." Jeff was at home with the kids. It was a good social outing for me, one I don't get often. There were mothers there at all stages of their lives and motherhood. We shared stories, frustrations and FELLOWSHIP!

One thing I think Protestants do WAY better than Catholics, is fellowship. It is hard to join a church you are unsure about if you don't feel welcome. I know, I know, it should be about more than feeling like you "fit in." However, today's Gospel said it best, "Love one another, as I have loved you." This wonderful love, known as agape, is easily shown in fellowship such as our parish's "coffee klatsch" ministry. It is more than coffee and doughnuts, it is a time we share ourselves with one another. We open up like a family and get along better than most families.

It is a time we remember that although "we are many parts, we are all one body." The body of Christ!

Peace of Christ be with you!

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