Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

1) William-- Will is going to be....one year old....on Friday. I can hardly believe this year is up. Looking back at how different our lives were one year ago when we welcomed our tiny miracle boy...I can't imagine he wasn't already with us! Will is desparately trying to walk and stands unassisted for several minutes at a time now. He is "daddy's boy" clinging to his father. He is also teething. Again. He is our only thumb-sucker. Last week he was peering at his Daddy out Shelby's bedroom window crying for him and holding his blue blanket and sucking his thumb. He had on a red shirt. Why all the detail? If it were animated, we would have been watching Linus Van Pelt from the Peanuts. Will still heavily resembles Shelby but looks more like himself now. He is still resistant to a sippy cup...we're working on it!

2) Joseph-- Yesterday my 2 1/2 year old asked me to hush when I was singing. He also corrected me and told me I wasn't "Mommy" I was "Mama." Okay, that works too.

3) Shelby-- Shelby loves that summer is here. She loves the sprinkler on in the back-yard (mostly to water the plants, garden and grass, but for kids to run through too). She loves evening thunderstorms. And she loves walking barefoot outside!

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