Thursday, May 6, 2010

So, do you "look the part?"

Okay, because I lumber around with 3 kids in tow, in the south, people assume I am Catholic. It hardly matters what I am wearing. I have more than one, so I must be one of "them." Fair enough.

One of my favorite Catholic bloggers is Simcha Fisher. Her old blog I Need to Sit Down was something I looked forward too. Now Simcha blogs for Inside and a while back shared this gem. (BTW IC blogger Margaret Cabaniss and I made our First Communion together, were confirmed together and graduated high school together.)

I laughed. I really did, until I realized: that might be what people think of me! I still think her exaggeration is funny, but it's always impressive to me to see a woman at mass with more than 2 children who is well put-together and looks as though she just got back from the spa. Not that I look slovenly, but next to her, I could use a lot of work!

Call me silly, but I'd rather people figure out I'm a Catholic by witnessing my faith in action. My corporal works of mercy, my minstering to those around me, rather than how I look. Yes, my children are an example of my faith in action, but I'll admit, when I have all 3 with me, I'm most likely with no makeup my beat-up glasses and clothes that could have been worn yesterday too. I resemble Our Lady of "who needs charity and patience" rather than Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Is that why I go out of my way to be nice to people that I maybe shouldn't bother with? So that everyone can say, "look at how nice she is?" and forget about my appearance? I'm not vain enough. Truly I'm not.

The point I'm trying to get at hear is that even though, appearance-wise, I am low-maintenance, I need to dress it up a little and put a little thought into it not just to defy a sterotype, but also to show God that I appreciate what He has given me.

It's like my Dad always says: The abilities you have are your gift from God. What you do with them is your gift to Him.

So, I'd like to give our Lord a little bit of gratitude. Starting today. When I get home and venture out for groceries with my little guys.

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