Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thankful Thursday

1) That one year later, Will is still with us despite a huge scare when he was seven months old.

2) That small blessings are coming more and more these days with kind words and prayers said.

3) That when I ask on facebook for good news, I have plenty of friends that are willing to oblige.

4) For old friends I have reconnected with recently.

5) Rain
6) That Sherri was okay after this:

happened last Friday.
7) That St Joseph's intercession can help produce miracles
8) That Jeff and I are recovering from a stomach virus and thus far God has spared our children
9) That our good friend's son (who is also autistic) is finally starting to potty-train! Yeah!!!!
10) That even though we were both too sick to participate in Cinco de Mayo, there will be a party at our house tonight for the 6th of May!

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