Friday, September 7, 2007

Celebrating Christ's Love In Our Lives

"You cannot make wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them, can you? The days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them and then they will fast in those days." ~Luke 5:34-35

A good friend of mine is fond of saying that when things are good, she prays less and thinks less about God. Not intentionally, it just happens.

Isn't that true of most of us?

Isn't it easier to pray when we know we need God?

How easy it is to forget that we always need God's presence in our lives. How easy it is to forget God when he is not the one carrying us and is walking beside us.

But then I read Jesus' repsonse to the crowd. And it makes me wonder. When we live in the moment of goodness in our lives, when we are in fact, without acknowledging it, living in the center of Christ's love for us, are we not also praising and thanking God by enjoying the bounty He alone has given us?

When I read this quote it makes me believe that I am celebrating the gift of Christ's love in my life when I play with my children or swim at the beach or even just enjoy a few minutes to myself to read a few pages of a good book. Jesus is saying to me that by enjoying the happy moments in my life, I am giving him praise. And when my soul thirsts for the Lord, then it is time for me to mourn my distance from Him.

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