Sunday, September 9, 2007

"Whoever does not carry his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple." -Luke 14:27

Do we carry our crosses? As mothers, it is sometimes easy to say yes. We face choices that are difficult in raising our families. Do I homeschool, Catholic school or public school? Do I allow my children sugary sweets on special occcasions, regularly, or not at all? Do we attend mass as a family or do we do split shifts?

But what about the crosses that are not so obvious as mothers. The crosses we often times confront as we are falling asleep at night or in the shower in a brief moment away from our families. Am I doing everything I can to raise disciples of Christ? Are my children growing up with too much secular influence because I allow them to (fill in with your own answer here: ___________)? Do I spend enough time with each of my children, respecting each as individuals and not just as a part of the larger family?

When we respect that these are our crosses to bear as mothers, we become disciples of Christ. Yesterday we celebrated the birth of our Holy Mother. As a human mother, no doubt she experienced doubts in her ability. And she knew she was raising the son of God! We don't get to see this in the Gospels very much. But then there was that little incident of Jesus getting left behind in Jerusalem. No doubt Mary realized then that this motherhood thing wasn't about to get any easier! But as the primary disciple of her Son, she became an example for us all.

Yes, motherhood is a joy. The greatest of joys. But it also brings on great crosses that we must bear to continue as Christ's disciples.

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