Monday, September 10, 2007

Maybe Not Today...

but someday soon, the 21st at the latest. We will have a son. I have been experiencing contractions off and on but they all go away when I lie on my side and sip water as my doctor instructed me. I got a little worried this weekend, as the baby seemed to be moving about 1/2 as much as normal. But I have an overachieving child who has been moving about 10 times an hour. Normal babies move about 5 times at this late date in pregnancy. So, he is still above average.

The triage nurse on the phone told me to hang in there, not much longer. When everyone asks me if the doctor will take the baby early, I always answer, "I don't want him to be born sooner, I just want the 21st to get here more quickly!"

But just in case, I am finishing packing my hospital bag. We have made sure the mini-crib is ready. And every day we tell Shelby that she will have a baby brother soon. We have frozen quite a bit of food and have made arrangements in case he does come sooner than expected.

I got a lot of calls, emails and text messages yesterday as Tropical Storm Gabrielle churned off the NC coast. At our house, we got no rain, no wind, nothing. Which is good in case the wives tale turned true that when the pressure drops all the women go into labor!

No, I think it was a sign that we have to continue to be patient and vigilant. For just like our Lord, we know not the day or hour our baby boy will arrive.

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