Sunday, September 16, 2007

I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

Today's Gospel often leaves some with a bad taste in their mouths. After all, as Jesus says there will be rejoicing in heaven for the one soul who repents, but for those who have no reason for repentence, there is no celebration. Kind of makes you wonder why we all try so faithfully to do the right thing.

But then I heard our priest's homily. He told us to focus on something else in the Gospel message. He told us to focus on the fact that what was lost was found. Immediately, I began to think of "Amazing Grace." The grace of God is in his forgiveness. No matter how we stray, He always allows us back into the fold. In the first reading, God wants to show his vengeneance and smite the Israelites that he had just brought out of Egypt because they were worshipping a golden calf. But Moses reminded God of his promise to Abraham to make his descendents as numerous as the stars. And on the behalf of the Israelites, Moses was able to ask and receive God's forgiveness.

Are we not all prodigal sons in some way? Maybe we don't attend mass or confession frequently. Maybe there is a divorce in our past or we have denied our faith in some way. But God always allows us back into his graces.

Our priest often givesn "assignments" for the week. This week's was one I would like to share. Think of a time when someone forgave you. And think of how receiving that forgiveness felt.

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