Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bless Your Home

I was quite moved this week by an NPR News interview of a California woman
who escaped a wildfire as it approached her home.
She said:

" I gathered important papers, and I few personal things,
then I paused in the threshold, turned around, and thanked my house for sheltering me."

Giving thanks.
How old, yet prophetic?
Giving thanks amidst escaping a devastating wildfire in 2009,
and facing enormous loss of worldly belongings.
in my humble opinion,
My dear friends, under the same sun and moon,
in the place where we dwell,
lives a prophet of the Lord.
May God bless your homes abundantly..

We beg you to visit this house
and banish from it
all the deadly powers of the enemy.
May your holy angels dwell here
to keep us in peace,
and may you blessing be upon us always.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.
From Christian prayer
Liturgy of the Hours
Night Prayer

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