Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So here we are...

I started a new job working 3rd shift 3 weeks ago. Jeff is back to school today, so it's my first day flying solo while working. Not as rough as I had anticipated, but hey, we're at day one. Which will explain my lack of blogging. Too much to think about too little time, but I would like to share a story of prayer.

Our good friend K is sending her son off to the NC School of Science and Math. Her son is 16. On the 9th she had a going away party for him and he was scheduled to move in on the 15th. Except that at 2 am on the 14th he woke up screaming, unable to walk and doubled over in pain. They rushed him to the ER. He had appendicitis and required immediate, emergency surgery. Then, overnight, he spiked a high temp, had a dilated bowel and his lungs collapsed, although with no pnuemonia. I quickly devised a plan that would have one of us at the hospital in Greenville with K and her son while the other had our kids at her house and held down the fort there. But K refused saying she didn't want to risk any of us picking something up in the hospital and bringing it back to the kids, especially the baby. But she just asked that we pray. And pray hard we did. It helped my confidence level to know that when Jeff broke his neck way back in 1980 he was treated at the same hospital. Around noon, a sudden and dramatic turn of events took place. K's son's fever disappeared as did his other symptoms. And by 4 pm, he was sent home. Today, pending a doctor's approval, he is scheduled to join his classmates at NCSSM.

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