Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Word of the Lord...

in any language, is The Word of the Lord.
Last weekend we came home from vacation on Sunday.
We had a Sunday to Sunday rental, so I decided to go to
Mass at 5pm on Sunday, the Spanish Mass.
It's not the first time I've chosen to do this because of weekend scheduling.
I just read the readings of the day as usual before I went.
While talking amongst some Catholic friends, the issue came up.
The consensus was generally:
"If it comes down to the Spanish Mass, we skip because we don't get anything out of it."
I don't judge, because Jesus tells me not to,
whether remembered in Spanish or English,
He suffered, was ridiculed and died on that cross
It went down that way because that's what it took to get my attention.
If I could be a daily communicant it would be my joy of joys.
To me, missing an opportunity to attend the sacrifice of the Mass is forsaking grace.
I go to Mass- English or not,
joyfully and with thanksgiving,
to pay homage and offer worship to the
Holy One of Israel.
My Savior.
My Redeemer.
My Lord, My God.
I am always received with love by His faithful ones,
and in spite of any language barriers,
I "get" a lot out of it.
Grace beholds me.

Peace and All Good.


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