Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tiny Treasure Tuesday

William--This week we had our first family vacation as a five-some and Will dipped his baby feet in the ocean for the first time and loved it. On our last day (Sunday) I awoke before the rest of the house and fed Will. Since everyone was still asleep I walked down to the beach with him to watch the sunrise. We had an awesome time! We were joined shortly thereafter by my parents, my brother and my brother's girlfriend (oh and my parents' dog). We enjoyed a walk down to the pier and I got some special Mommy and Will time!

Joseph--Joey showed us he does not like sleeping when away from home last week! And he is scared when F-16 fighter planes fly overhead at intervals overnight. On the flip side, Joey loved watching Cars with his uncles and one uncle's girlfriend.

Shelby--Miss Shelby was liking the beach until Daddy dove under a wave with her. Now she doesn't like baths anymore either. Oh well, we're working on that! She and my brother's girlfriend really hit it off at the beach. Uncle Ben's girlfriend is hoping to become a speech-language pathologist/therapist and knows sign language so she was able to communicate with Shelby a bit. Shelby also sought her out and came to her and it was the first time Shelby had seen or met her which is major for a child with Shelby's diagnosis. Especially since Shelby was in a place she had never been before either!

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