Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And So Today...

we celebrate the feast of the Annunciation. The day when Mary showed amazing faith at a young age that she believed the message of an angel that she would carry in her womb the savior of the world.

Today I went through NST number 1 for baby number 3. He performed beautifully. And on this day, I found out we will be meeting him a few days prior to when we had originally anticipated. Apparently, he measures a bit large. My belly should measure the number of weeks I am in cm (that's 32). But I measure 33 3/4 cm. Almost two weeks ahead of schedule, which isn't a predictor of delivery, but since I can't ever make it to 39 weeks nevermind the full 40, my doctor wants to eliminate any chance of me going into labor and breaking my water early again (since I am having my third c-section). Next week I go to the high risk doctor (because of my blood clotting disorder) for another ultrasound and we will have a much better indication of exactly how big this baby is.

This is the first pregnancy appointment I've ever had to fall on a date associated with the birth of Christ. I am, in a way humbled, that today, the day we celebrate the faith of Mary full of grace, I am also hearing my son's heartbeat is strong and thanking our Mother for her protection during this pregnancy. When finding out I was due in May, I immediately began trying to think of what version of Mary I wanted to put in a girl's name in honor of our mother. Of course, all of that was before we found out that we were having a boy and not a girl. Then, in December, I was told that the baby had chorionic cysts on his brain (which depending on size can indicate Trisomy 18) and a possible developing heart defect. While I awaited a second ultrasound, I prayed to Our Lady of Guadalupe for her intercession that our family be given strength to endure whatever the outcome was. A few minutes later, a second ultrasound revealed that there was nothing wrong with the baby's heart (he was just in a bad position to try and measure it in the previous ultrasound) and that the cysts were small in size and he was opening and closing his fists, eliminating the possibility of Trisomy 18. In a month's time, the cysts were gone. I owe Mary so much for this pregnancy. Our devotion to her as a family has grown substantially as we pass each milestone.

So, today, despite the fact that a slightly earlier birth does make our childcare plans for the terrible toddler twosome a bit more cumbersome, I am offering that up and thanking Mary for her faith. Her example of faith in all pregnancy related things has helped me to endure what has been our most uncertain pregnancy thus far.

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