Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Three of My Favorite Things

Inspired by Suzanne and her sharing of three things she loves occasionally, I decided I would share three things that made me especially happy of late:

1) Fried Clam Strips and the house tartar sauce at the Sanitary Restaurant: these were not your frozen clam strips, they were homemade and the BEST I have ever tasted. And the tartar sauce actually received rave reviews from Jeff (the picky chef). It was so good, he went back after our dinner to pick up two bottles to take home. You can order it from their website.

2) Little Caesar's Pizza: $5 for a pizza that feeds our whole family! I was sad to discover that in my ten year absence of Little Caesar's (we just got 2 new franchises in our area, none before that) that Baby PanPan is no more, but I also introduced my family to the goodness that is Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce and even though there is no delivery and it's a little bit of a drive for us, we are willing to make the occasional sacrifice.

3) The pictures hanging in our hall of family: Joey says goodnight to them each night and is learning to say everyone's name. He is confused though as to how the little newborn in the carseat is his big sister.