Friday, March 20, 2009

Toddler Fights

Yesterday I posted about breaking up toddler fights. Something I have, unfortunately become very accustomed to of late. I know that almost all siblings fight sometimes, I was just hoping this wouldn't start for another year or so! Here is a brief rundown of some of the causes of the fights:

1) Elmo came on tv and a shoving match started about who was allowed to kiss Elmo on the tv. (No one fought over who got to clean the kissy marks off the tv, Mommy got to do that.)

2) Both kids felt like the two-year-old's seat should be their's. So, after the two-year-old was already in her chair, the 18-month-old climbed into it on top of her, then got behind her and pushed her out onto the floor.

3) Daddy brought home only one Thomas the Tank Engine to play with. That caused a hitting fight.

I have to say, I am glad that pulling hair (although the baby does it to the two-year-old) is not more prevalent and that biting is non-existent. Still, when we found out we were pregnant with number 2, we had hoped that the kids being 14 months apart would mean they would be very close. Maybe this fighting will make them stronger and closer in the future?

The fighting confuses my husband because these two are a boy and girl and he was of the opinion that only siblings of the same gender fight. This is a man that grew up with three brothers and no sisters. I pointed out to him that his experience wasn't necessarily one to base all knowledge on. I had three brothers too and I fought with them and have a few scars to prove it.

Now, on a positive note, all of this fighting has been accompanied by random bursts of love. Hugs and kisses seem to be on the up too. As are chasing games, and we are even working on a bit of sharing and turn taking.

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Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller said...

I have 4 and the only two that fight are my oldest girl (11) and my boy (8). The 10-yr-old girl gets along with everyone. I also have a 2-yr-old. The first 3 never fought a bit until the 2-yr-old was born. The family dynamics change with every new child! Cheers for you being able to keep up a blog with 2 toddlers and one on the way!