Saturday, May 2, 2009

2009, a great year for

First there was the sensation that was Susan Boyle. Now, there is Mine that Bird, the little horse that could.

Susan Boyle might not win Britain's Got Talent, but it hardly matters now. The happiness she has brought to people around the world is testament to the winner she is. And when you watch her sing in her audtion piece, if you don't pay attention to Simon's reaction or Amanda standing up or the crowd can see that Susan Boyle isn't really there to sing for an award. She's there to sing her song. To let her voice be heard. To share the gifts and talents that God has given her. Winning would be great, but just being given the chance is more important.

Today, Mine that Bird won the Kentucky Derby at the odds of 50-1. He wasn't the beauty that Dunkirk was. He was a plain looking brown horse. No one expected him to show. He had nothing to prove. He wasn't racing the other horses, he was clearly in his own race. He was a late substitution. And he ran away with the crown.

As I wait out these last few days before Will is born, I am beginning to think that 2009 is not such a bad year to be born. The economy is not all it is cracked up to be, sure. The job market is not always pleasant, but there is something amazing happening. People are beginning to see that beauty is found in the most unexpected of places. That being flashy is not as important as being good. That in order to get a rainbow, you've got to deal with some rain.

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Lerin said...

What a great post! Yes, 2009 is a great year to be born. :)