Tuesday, May 5, 2009

No Baby Yet

I swear, if you are pregnant and anywhere in the neighborhood of your due date and don't post for a couple of days, everyone assumes the baby is here!

He's not and we are grateful. I haven't been posting because we've been making last minute preparations still. We reorganized our bathroom so it doubles as the baby's closet/dresser and changing area. We are packing our bags and making lists for grandparents to help them while we are in the hospital with the two children and two dogs who are here at home. We are keeping busy with our son and daughter already here, giving them some last minute extra attention before they see less of us in a couple of days. We are cleaning and reorganizing. (and to update on last week's small successes, Joey's dresser is now organized, Jeff tamed that beast as well!)

Tomorrow morning I have my hospital appointment scheduled to give them my surgery orders, get my chart ready and my insurance info as well as get my pre-op info.

We are excited, nervous and happy. Did I mention excited?

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