Saturday, May 9, 2009

For unto us, a son is given...

Thank you to my mother for posting Will's birth announcement. Our beautiful son was born May 7, 2009 at 7:54 am. His full name, William Christopher, means strong-willed Christ-bearer. His demeanor is quiet and sweet. He adores his older sister and brother who are in love with him as well. Joey did, in fact, call Will "dd," his word for dog when he saw him, but that is Joey's highest compliment as he loves dogs. Shelby sat next to him on the way home from the hospital and just smiled down at him the whole time. Many feel as though a child on the autism spectrum just "wouldn't get it" but it is clear Shelby knows what is going on and is loving it!
Today we also remember Andy, my parents' nephew and our cousin who was healed and taken to heaven a year ago today. Andy, we thank you for your precious intercessions for Will and for protecting both him and our family throughout this pregnancy and birth. We are so grateful for the thirteen years we had, for your quiet dignity and for your accepting the awesome responsibility of evangelization through the sharing of your faith as your time with us in this life was ending. Your life was a blessing to us all. And through your birth into eternal life, you have eternally blessed us anew.

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Lerin said...

He is just such a beautiful boy!