Thursday, May 28, 2009

Small Successes


1) We are now at three weeks with three kids! And no one has been forgotton or otherwise neglected. In fact, the love is still multiplying!

2)Our two year old is now opening doors like a pro, but we are on top of it enough that she has not escaped outdoors!

3) Our quest to limit toddler television time, despite being sorely tested by bad weather, is working! I don't know how or why, but our kids are watching less and less.


Denn Mom said...

Way to go, especially on your third item -- less television is something I'm constantly trying to accomplish! Congrats on your new baby, too!!
God bless,

munchesmom said...

Great successes! I know from personal experience that limiting TV time can be very tough. Good for you!

Casey said...

Congratulations on the television - we're planning the same around here.

And managing that with a new baby, even more impressive!

Karen said...

My two have started on the door knobs, too. The other day I was changing Gabe's diaper on the floor when I hear Addie open the front door. Off like a flash, she darts right down the porch stairs and for the street. Somehow in my 32 week pregnant, sciatica pained state I tore after her and grabbed her just before her foot hit the street. *sigh* Oh, such excitement.

ViolinMama said...

Way to go, and Awesome on the less TV. I'm always trying to do that...and it is so hard, especially after having a baby. Kudos to you!!

God Bless!!!!

Kelly said...

Fantastic successes! I'm very impressed that you were able to do this with just having your little one. God bless!

EChristyBA said...

Excellent on all 3! The tv time thing does seem to be easier in nicer weather, hopefully thats so where you live! And congrats on baby - such a wonderful time. My #4 is suddenly mobile - that's when you'll really get a sense for how having 3 is different than 2! But its a grand adventure, no?