Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tiny Treasures

William-- Mr Will is one-year-old now. Today is his 12-month check-up and Daddy is with him at the doctor's office right now. He took five full steps today independently with no prompting. Much earlier than his brother and sister! He is still teething and it is about to be the death of Mommy too!

Joseph-- Joey is working on manners a lot these days. Mostly please, thank you and your welcome. And sharing of course. There is some progress, but as all toddlers, he is a work in progress. He also is now telling us when he has gone potty. Immediately after pretty much, and sitting on the potty with less resistance. But no repeat success yet!

Shelby-- Shelby said two words within the last week! At school a therapist heard her say "pig" when going for a pig toy she liked. And Sunday, when someone had an accident all over her room (she and Joey were in there together and both had their diapers off when discovered), I asked her who made poopy all over her room and she said to me, "stinky." Because she is not saying them consistently yet, we don't count them as "words" but with the progress she has made with signing (up to 3 words) now, we are hopeful that the persistence of her speech therapists is paying off!

UPDATE: while it might not be true, we are taking Shelby's use of "stinky" to indicate that she was not the one who decided her room was a toilet. In her defense, she typically only removes diapers that are either clean or just wet. Yes, she went through an unfortunate smearing phase which was, thankfully, short lived. Another, unnamed child, however, has trouble remembering that poop goes in the potty (and the diaper as it may be) and will remove his diaper regardless.

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Michael said...

Real tears in my eyes!!!
I know it's there!
remember "Gigan, OFF!"