Monday, February 15, 2010

Because how could I resist posting about...

my favorite sporting event, the WINTER OLYMPICS!!!!

I mentioned we watched the opening ceremonies while on our mini-vacation, but that hardly cracks open the love I have for this event.

I think the Canadians did a beautiful job on the opening ceremonies. I also think there was an appropriate level of acknowledgment of the loss of the Georgian luger. I have to admit, I cried every time he was mentioned. His one moment of glory in his twenty-one years so tragically cut short. I also felt that the torch lighting by such an array of Canadian athletes was to be commended. The Paralympics will take place in Vancouver shortly after these Olympics end, but the inclusion of a Paralympian was outstanding as their events, sadly, happen on a much smaller stage. And although there was a technical error with the torch, Catriona Le May Doan showed much grace as she held her torch up and saluted the athletes and spectators.

Now the athletes are taking center stage. Two of my favorite events, moguls and biathalon are over. The moguls, this Olympics, brought redemption for both the US's Hannah Kearney and Canada in the form of Alexandre Bilodeau whose inspiration, his brother Frederic who has cerebral palsy. We watched the luge with a low feeling in our hearts and the pits of our stomachs, but the mood lifted as Joey began cheering "yeah!" each time he saw a luger go around and clapped when each one got off their sled.

What is it about these games that brings out so many positive feelings in our country? It is more than just national pride. There are moments the world feels, like the loss of Nodar Kumaritashvili or Dan Jansen's gold medal at Lillehammer. But more than that, is the idea that if for these days we can put aside our differences and compete and show good sportsmanship and love of fellow man, why can't we always do that?

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