Monday, February 15, 2010

So, what did Mommy and Daddy do on their weekend away...

Well, we caught up on being Mommy and Daddy for sure! Friday, after we checked into the hotel, it snowed! In Morehead City, NC. After deciding it would not be wise for us to venture out for dinner that night, Jeff ordered us a pizza and wings and stopped by Wal-greens to procure real sudafed, aspirin (I was two days into a cold and had a raging sinus headache) and some junk food in case we were snowed in. Seven inches fell that night while we watched the Opening Ceremonies at the Olympics. We especially enjoyed watching Canada's Aboriginal peoples dance to greet the athletes, the whales swimming across the floor, the fiddler dueling with his shadow and the appropriate ovation for the Georgian team as they entered the dome after losing one of their members.

Saturday we awoke to a beach winterwonderland! Unsure if anything would be open, we decided to first go to the beach. Atlantic Beach was surreal with palm trees bent over and white and snow on top of sand! We took a short walk and enjoyed the snowmen. We tried to go to Bert's to get t-shirts for ourselves and a special friend in Indiana, but they were closed :(. So, instead, we went to historic Beaufort where Clawson's 1905 was open for business. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and afterward headed to Seaside Cheesecake & Dessert Shoppe where we got slices of NY Cheesecake, Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake and Carrot Cake. Then we decided to enjoy the indoors for a while back at the hotel. For dinner we went to the Channel Marker restaurant and enjoyed good fried seafood. We had intended to eat our cheesecake and carrot cake that night but were too full of good food, so we watched the games again.

We decided to head home early the next morning and brought home our desserts to share with the grandparents who gave up their Valentine's Day to watch the kids. They had a lot of fun including braving Wal-Mart with all the crazy, "let's buy all the bread and milk" people, going to Shelby's Valentine's Day party at school, potty training and playing in the snow and building a snowman.

Yes we missed the kids, (although we only called home twice), but we greatly enjoyed each other's company and some alone time. Will we take advantage of having grandparents so close by in the future? You betcha!

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