Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William--Oh the saga of the teething tot! Will is cutting more teeth. And he does not like it one little bit! He is, however, enjoying being more and more mobile. If only those legs would let him walk! He had his nine-month check-up on Friday. Just a seasonal flu shot and his iron was checked and is great. He is healthy and happy and that's just the way we like him!

Joseph- Joey was a great help to his grandparents who kept the kids this weekend while Mommy and Daddy went away. He soothed Will when he was upset, he got his grandmother when a dog threw up in his room and told her "yuck!" when he showed it to her, and helped his grandfather with a snowman. Also, new words, "watch" (as in Mama's watch), "uh-oh" (not really a word, but he says it a lot all of the sudden), and of course, "yuck!"

Shelby- Shelby has the biggest news of the week! She peed on the potty! Her grandparents worked with her and Joey all weekend and SUCCESS! one time she made it! She enjoyed the praise of her grandparents. We haven't had a repeat, yet, but are working with pull-ups during the day and daycare will continue on their regimen. She had a great time with her grandparents this weekend and loved the snow!

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