Monday, February 1, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William-- Will is still busy cutting teeth and is doing his darndest to try and get through it without Motrin or orajel, which means a lot of gnawing, and biting. He is enjoying "boy time" the time Joey and Will have with Daddy during the day while Shelby is at school and Mama is asleep. The three have lots of fun playing peek-a-boo, hide and seek and everyone crawl around on the floor and see what we can find.

Joseph-- Joey is doing much better on sharing. Now, we have to work on his "enforcer" tendency. Oh that he could be the Mommy or Daddy or better yet, both. He is also wanting to play more with Will, but in a rougher way than we are comfortable with. He is also working on cuddling. We got a new bed and he loves climbing up into it and "pretending" to sleep.

Shelby-- Shelby is enjoying school and looks forward to going each day. She also developed a taste for white cheddar popcorn there. She is also loving to crawl under huge comforters and rest, and sometimes fall asleep! We play "monsters" with her while she is doing this. We tell her the Mommy-monster or Daddy-monster is coming to get her and give her squeezes. She squeals and loves it.

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