Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's less than a week till Ash Wednesday...

Ack! Where has time gone? We are already half-way through February AND we are getting ready for the six week trek to Easter?

I am pretty unsure of what to give up or add to my life this Lenten season. Jeff and I will be trying to do only one meat dish a week, but that doesn't seem a tremendous sacrifice nor does it seem to significantly enhance my spiritual life.

Times like this remind me of a former priest of mine. When I would go to confession he would often tell me, "Kristen, (I always look at the priest face to face) it is one thing to confess and another to be so hard on yourself that you can't find anything good. That's a trick of Satan's!"

I find this to be true often in life. Sure, it's normal to have doubts about ones judgments or actions, but quite another to let doubt consume us and make us unable to make any decisions.

Maybe God is telling me that cutting back on our meat consumption is enough this year. Maybe we'll be able to find other simple things, listening to Relevant Radio in the car just occurred to me, to cut or add. Regardless, I think that trying to find more positive in my life and focus on it, while being an on-going mission, will ultimately be my Lenten theme this year.

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