Monday, February 22, 2010

Tiny Treasures

William- "No biting friends!" is a song on Yo Gabba Gabba I wish Will could learn. My shoulders are bruised from the biting, as are Daddy's. It is purely the teething causing it, I wish they would hurry up and come in! Will is trying to pull himself up to stand as well. It is so hard to believe in just under two weeks he will be ten months old! He is also graduating from baby food to table food really well.

Joseph- Joey peed on the potty! Well, more like he sat on the potty and sprayed the floor, but he did tell us he had to pee-pee, sat on the potty and went. Daddy is working on aiming into the potty now. We haven't had a repeat success yet and unfortunately yesterday's shopping trip for big boy underwear was not successful (they were out at Wal-Mart?) but we are hoping to move him quickly in that direction, if he is truly ready.

Shelby- Shelby has been a ball of giggles this past week. What is so funny? She is really enjoying being out and about playing outdoors on the few warmer days we've had and snuggling with her brothers.

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Kristi said...

Kids always know whats funny....but they dont tell us. I suppose we should be concerned...are they laughing at us? Probably not...we are super cool. Right?