Sunday, April 19, 2009

And Now We Enter My Busy Time of Year

NHL playoffs. While I am floored that my Rangers beat the Caps. I am more amazed that I love hockey at all.

My mother's family is from Buffalo, so I guess it's not totally unrealistic that I would like hockey. But it is still highly unlikely. That is because I grew up in the southeast from the age of four and while there is an NHL team in the state I have lived in since I was four, that team got here when I was about 16.

Somehow, I always loved the frozen sport. I fell in love as a young teen with Mark Messier. And it is still an open joke that I married my husband because he has the same haircut as Mark.

But even when my Rangers don't make the playoffs, I am glued to games. I cannot get enough of the ice, the skates, the checks, the fanfare...there is a game on now. I must get back to it.

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The Krazy Girl said...

I saw your post on F&F Live. I agree with everything you posted. And I was truly touched when you mentioned that you don't necessarily pray for a healthy child. But, for the child God wants you to have.

My first two children are probably on the spectrum but we are waiting to diagnose until they are older. Don't worry---they get tons of services.

Anyway, I really admire your conviction and faith. I can't imagine that my youngest even has a chance at being normal. And because of that, I am paralyzed by fear of having more children. I am not a good enough mom to have four special needs kids. KWIM?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I think you are awesome:)