Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Breath of Prayer

Is no answer to prayer the answer "no"?
I have no idea.
I cannot profess to know the will of God,
but I have committed my life to fervent prayer.
I would like to say unceasing prayer,
and I'm working on it,
but sadly the flesh is weak.
Kristen recently left a nice post on the answer to prayer.
The next day the following article by Catherine Marshall came to me in an email.
(cutting and pasting appears to work)


Several years ago I reached a point in my journey
when I no could no longer petition for anything.
I didn't know what to ask for.
I just prayed. I began to connect to God from the beginning.
I began to connect each breath with the God breathing in to Adam.
My devout Catholic self decided that it was time to join other believers in prayer,
so I joined Breakthrough intercessors offering prayer for others.
Since a little girl,
I've always been floored by the expression "He doesn't have a prayer".
For it seems to me,
that as long as a body has breath,
he has a prayer.
It's his choice.
In these last several years I have prayed and adored many a holy hour
before the Blessed Sacrament
with the words of Thomas:

My Lord, My God.

And that seems to cover it all.

Peace unto you in this Holiest and most Blessed of seasons.
He is Risen, indeed.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

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