Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Isn't It Just Amazing

I've been a devotee to quite a few saints in my time. St. Jude comes to mind most readily. There is more than one time I've felt like I was a hopeless cause, not to mention situations I encountered!!!

Once my I became married and had children, I became a hard core devotee of the Infant of Prague and have adopted him as our family patron. I don't know what led me to the Infant Jesus, but I have one memory of him burned in my soul. I had to have been at least two and this happened somewhere in New York. That I know. A church we were attending mass at had some type of shrine or devotional place to the Infant of Prague. Either one of my parents or a relative was walking me around the church and we saw it. I remember thinking it was the most beautiful doll (remember, I was two) I had ever seen. I am sure I mentioned this to whomever was with me and they told me it was Jesus. But Jesus was the man on the cross with the crown! This was a baby!

I have often felt that Infant has held a special place in my heart because He represents the love children have that is beautiful, simple, and unconditional. He holds the world in his hand with tenderness and care. It is in this way that my children love me. To think that God could love me like that, despite all my worries and deficits, is nothing short of amazing.

As an adult I learned that financial difficulties as well as urgent requests were the specialty of the Infant of Prague. And I am always amazed but at the same time not when I hear of something being attributed to the Infant of Prague. He has never let me down.

I am hoping to soon have a statue for our home. And a place to put it where two fearless toddlers and rough and tumble dogs will not try and disturb him. For the only greater comfort I could have other than praying to him, would be seeing his face each day.

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