Saturday, April 4, 2009

God's Remedy for Child's Cough

When I work the pediatric advice line, a common question is
"What can I give my child for cough?"
Well, guess what Mamas? Great grandma was right! The Bible was right!
God made it and it's still good!
In fact, for children over 1 year a study conclusively proved honey to be more effective than Dextromethorphan the over the counter cough suppressant.
For children over one, 1/2 to 1 tsp. as needed.
for children under 1 year- warmed apple juice.
under 3 months, see a doctor.

This is the advice we give parents per our telephone protocols.
I use all of these things myself.
I can personally attest to saline nose drops. (I have a "Nettie Pot")
and honey. Professional vocalists have used honey for years.
I can also attest to black licorice for throat issues and
fennel as a natural decongestant (works great in tea or chicken soup).

On a recent visit with our son, Mike, who is in the US Marine corps, we were staying together in a hotel room. Mike was coughing nonstop. We thought we'd be up all night. I made him a cup of hot sweet tea and gave him 5 sticks of black licorice,
he did not cough once after that.

A few years ago all of the effective cold remedies were removed from over the counter to behind the counter to be signed for. Many products were discontinued because pharmacies simply did not have room. This was largely in part to the use of pseudoephedrine products in illegal meth labs. I was a sinus pressure sufferer. I found remarkable relief from Sudafed Non Drying Sinus. When they removed pseudoephdrine and replaced it with phenylphrine(it was left over the counter in this formulation), I was no longer relieved. For a long time I was angry because I suffered physically due to the activity of criminals,
but I've come full circle.
Don't waste your money on over the counter cold remedies. The benefits do not outweigh the risks.
I now revel in the fact that I am blessed with the knowledge of the ages.
Many "home" remedies are now given deserved respect
They are made by Grace.
They were used in ancient times and are mentioned in the Old Testament:
Olive Oil
God's chosen people had the edge.
Their meds were manufactured by God.

Peace and All Good to You!

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