Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday, Monday

Today is the last day of NST testing for this baby. Friday we have our pre-op appointment and then next Wednesday is my appointment at the hospital to complete paperwork and hopefully bloodwork as well! Then the following Thursday we have a baby!!!!

Of course, this Monday marks the last official day that Jeff will be doing any "traveling." He is going to the Crystal Coast aka Morehead City for a teaching job fair. A couple of weeks ago, Jeff passed Praxis II which means he is now "highly qualified" in our state for lateral entry positions without student teaching. However, every county in our state is now on a hiring freeze. Meaning no new positions are being created at this time and in some cases, unfilled positions are being eliminated. Unfilled positions are his best bet and there are a couple in the county he is in today, but at the same time, we aren't holding our breath. His best bet for employment will still come after completing a student teaching internship in the fall. I am a little bit nervous though about the internship (we should find out who his partnership teacher is today) because it is in the fall and very few teaching positions open in the spring! In fact, one of his classmates in his alternative pathway to teaching program took almost a year and a half to get a position last fall before all the cutbacks!

Being that I am so close to delivery and that is the biggest thing we have on our plates now. I am focusing on that, but think it's novena time to St Joseph and St Gregory the Great for job success for a teacher who needs a classroom!

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