Monday, April 13, 2009

As Well As Can Be Expected

That's how I describe Easter Sunday dinner.

I didn't host and Jeff didn't cook. So we come out on top right there! We had hoped to bake homemade bread to share, but that, unfortunately did not come to pass. :(

We traveled two hours up the road (which, yes, at almost 35 weeks pregnant was pretty uncomfortable and tiring) to my brother-in-laws house for Easter dinner. Shelby had her normal initial adjustment issues when we first arrived, but found there was a piano in the house and was okay from there on out. Joseph was delighted to find the "d,d,d,d" or dogs at the house and proceeded to boss them around the way he does our dogs. He also fed goats and met kittens for the first time. And he whacked his cousin in the eye, luckily I didn't see it. Jeff was right there when it happened and handled it appropriately. Not seeing it didn't make it any less mortifying, after all Joey is the youngest. And no one has ever hit him!

The food was good, the company was good. Did I mention I didn't have to host or cook?

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Lerin said...

Happy Easter! I didn't cook either, Hubby did! :)