Friday, April 17, 2009

And so we come to everyone's favorite subject of late...

Susan Boyle's Britains Got Talent audition.

A lot of people don't know she just made it to the next round, she has not won. A lot of people also had forgotten about BGT's first winner Paul Potts who was similarly laughed at until he opened his mouth and sang.

Let me first of all say, I never saw Susan Boyle as unattractive or old. Just normal. A woman trying to make it in the world like any of us. The shock in Simon Cowell's face I did not take as a sign of, "How could someone so unattractive sing so beautifully," but more as, "wow, what a beautiful voice and pure talent!" I took it as a sign that even someone as cynical as Simon still has the human ability to be amazed by true talent.

Now that doesn't mean that others couldn't have thought differently when they saw her or read Simon's reaction differently. And I don't begrudge American cynics who think that Boyle would never have made that audition in the US. The truth is we don't know why Simon's reaction was what it was or if she would have "made it here."

Why is it we cannot be happy that a truly rare talent has been discovered and allowed to shine? Is there are reason we must over-analyze everything in life? Can't a cigar just be a cigar?

I hope Susan Boyle releases a cd. I would buy it for sure. I hope she wins Britain's Got Talent. And I really hope she and Mr. Potts could tour together so I could see them both in person. Am I biased. Yes, I love their voices and their spirits and their belief that they could be more than they ever dreamed possible.

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elizabeth said...

I followed from your comment at Faith and Family! I love your logical look at life, and of course the Light of Christ that shines forth in your blogging!

Boy, are you a kick in the rear, in the best possible way! ;-)