Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things for Friday

1) Sounds strange but meal planning! It brings Jeff and I together and forces us to work toward something very small, but important each week!

2) Posting old pictures for my husband on facebook. After much prodding from a former classmate of his, I found a picture from their graduation night and posted it. Then I found a picture of other high school friends from a concert and more and more. You would not believe how excited these people are about seeing old pictures of themselves. My husband laughs at them (the pictures and the people's reactions). Who knew we could bring such a small moment of joy in their lives!

3) "Not baby! Joey!" "No! Daddy!" These are Joey's reactions to various pictures we show him. If we show him a picture of himself about 70% of the time he will say "Not baby! Joey!" Now if they are pictures of him or Shelby as very young babies, he will say baby and if we tell him Joey or Shelby he yells, "NO!" The second response comes from me showing him some of the old high school pictures I found of his father. Ones where his father has hair. If I show him the picture and say, "Daddy," and point to him, Joey shakes his head and yells, "No!" then runs off and finds a picture of his daddy with no hair and points to him and says, "Daddy!" Do not fear, Jeff thinks this is a very sweet development.

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